Who are we?

Music Durham is a forum of musicians, ensuring unity among the many ensembles in Durham and coordinating and promoting music making around the city. We work directly with society presidents to discuss issues such as collaboration, funding, coordination of events, equipment and society needs.

What are our goals?

Since its founding, Music Durham has gone from strength to strength. In 2016/17, the Executive Committee have laid out four key goals to develop even further. See our four-point plan below for our areas of development in Inclusivity, Outreach, Collaboration and Masterclasses.

What do we provide?

  • Regular masterclasses with external professionals
  • Major concert experiences in and out of Durham
  • Informative weekly emails
  • Lunchtime recitals
  • Funding and financial support
  • Help with the coordination and organisation of the musical calendar
  • Promotion and publicity


We aim to make sure that Music Durham has something for everyone, so if it doesn’t exist, we will help you create it. We also hope to host some events for non-musicians to encourage more active involvement in the arts across the entire student body. Music Durham covers a wide range of musical genres and standards.


It is vital that we as a student body give back to the local community that supports us so much as we develop. For this reason we plan to focus on outreach projects, both within our individual societies but also within Music Durham as an independent entity.


The societies within Music Durham work fantastically well together; It is so important for us as musicians to support each other and we hope that this year new collaborations between groups can be formed.


The best way for our performers to develop is to provide tuition from the best in the industry. The masterclass series will focus on different instruments or instrumental families and will be open to participation from all members.

Music Durham comprises many different types of musical groups ensuring that there is something for everyone to get involved with.

Auditioned Music Durham ensembles

There are a number of auditioned ensembles at university level. Entry into such groups is competitive and as a result these groups are often relatively small, but these societies nevertheless strive to maintain a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The groups perform in regular concerts and ask for a high level of commitment from their players. Read more…

Durham University Big Band
Durham University Chamber Choir
Durham University Choral Society
Durham University Classical Ensemble
Durham Dynamics
New Art Music Ensemble (Chamber ensemble only)
Northern Lights
Durham University Orchestral Society
Durham University Palatinate Orchestra

Non-auditioned Music Durham ensembles

In addition to the above ensembles, Music Durham serves a number of non-auditioned ensembles, which, though open to any student, are still very committed and strive to create high-quality music. These ensembles are excellent for players at all levels, both those who want to improve and those for whom music may not be their main focus. These ensembles ask for varying levels of commitment between groups, ranging from those which rehearse every week to those that can be attended when it suits. For most auditioned ensembles, there is a non-auditioned equivalent. Read more…

Durham University Brass Band
Durham University Concert Band
Flute Choir
Durham University Hill Orchestra
New Art Music Ensemble (Collective ensemble only)

College Music

Finally, Music Durham links with and advertises the various ensembles which exist within the different colleges of the university. Such ensembles are too numerous to list here, but consist of a wider selection of musical styles, and include big bands, choirs, various bands, and musical theatre. Such groups are open to musicians of any level (and from any college), and plenty of performance opportunities are still available if the groups decide they want them. Read more…