Jess Bryden

I am a Music finalist from Trevelyan College. During my time in Durham I have played cello and sung in a variety of groups including the Orchestral Society, Chamber Choir, Dunelm Consort and Players, and Durham Opera Ensemble. I am also the Graham and Joanna Barker Scholar for Music.

Hannah Cox

Vice President
I am a third year Music student and have been Assistant Manager of Chamber Choir, as well as Chapel Secretary for University College. I am looking forward to leading the exciting outreach that takes place in Durham, building on my experience with Durham Opera Ensemble.

Andy Baldacchino

I am a third year Physicist from St Hild & St Bede with an interest in Computational Physics. My musical experience in Durham has included playing the Trumpet in Durham University Concert Band for which I have served as Treasurer before taking up the position of President this year.

Hayley Lam

I am the third year Music student at Hatfield College and a recipient of the Beecham Scholarship. I am active in the Durham music scene as a violinist, being the leader of DUOS Symphony Orchestra and having led the Chamber Orchestra, as well as a range of other ensembles in the university and city.

Nellie Chadwick-Smith

Concert Manager
I am a third year Music student from Hild Bede and a double bassist. Whilst working on various other execs outside the music scene, I also dedicate time to playing bass in different ensembles, including Durham University Orchestral Society and Palatinate Orchestra.

Tessa Bailey

Colleges Coordinator
I am a final year Music student from Josephine Butler College and I play the piano and oboe. My time at Durham has primarily been contributing to college music including Butler Jazz Band and Chamber Choir. I also play for Hill Orchestra and Concert Band.

Ashleigh Charlton

Masterclass Manager

I am a Third Year Music Student at St Mary’s College. I’m the President of Durham Opera Ensemble and look forward to branching out to the diverse music societies under the umbrella of Music Durham. Masterclasses are invaluable to the development of musicians and I look forward to offering great opportunities to each society.

Mathilde Rouhi

Publicity Officer
I am a second year Music student from Grey College and I play harp and sing. I’m Principal Harp in Durham University Orchestral Society and have played for different groups including Durham Opera Ensemble, Palatinate Orchestra, Durham Student Theatre, and Hatfield Chapel Choir.


Sophie Brown, Sonia Vallentin & Angus Macnaughton

Social Secretaries
Sonia, Sophie and Angus are all final year Music students returning from years abroad/out. Sonia is the keenest viola player in DUOS, Sophie is a Welsh Harpist, and Angus sings tenor in Northern Lights.

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