Abi Groocock

I am a Music finalist from Van Mildert College and I play the euphonium, trombone, and sing. My time in Durham has involved playing with the Durham University Brass Band as principal euphonium and the President and Associate Conductor, before moving on to the position of Principal Conductor this year.

Meg Griffiths

Vice President
I am a third year Law student in Castle, but spend a great deal of time working with and in the musical societies; this year I am also the manager of the Durham University Chamber Choir and perform as a singer and a violinist at Durham, as well as holding a Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship for Music.

Oliver Newton

After a short spell in the financial sector, I am now in my second year of a PhD in Astrophysics. Music has been a central part of my life and I play a range of instruments from clarinet to orchestral percussion. I’m now the percussionist in the Durham University Brass Band.

Emma Tustin

I am a third year music student from St. John’s College. Last year I was part of St. John’s College Choir, Big Band, and Orchestra, as well as the Durham University Concert Band and Durham University Hill Orchestra.

Tom Day

Concert Manager
I am a third year music student from Van Mildert College. I play the violin and the piano and have been involved in a number of groups and concerts throughout my time at Durham. These include the Durham University Palatinate Orchestra, of which I am Librarian, and the Durham University Hill Orchestra, of which I am the President.

Maddy Lyons

Colleges Coordinator
I am a finalist music student from Van Mildert College and I play bassoon. I have played and sung in a number of different orchestras and groups throughout my time at Durham, both at university and college level, in addition to being the concert manager for the Durham University Hill Orchestra, Durham University Classical Ensemble and Durham University Palatinate Orchestra.

Naviena Selvarajah

Masterclass Manager
I am a third year Music student from Hatfield College. My specialism is Indian classical singing and for this I am a Vice Chancellor’s Scholar. I aim to bring the best musicians to Durham for masterclasses, strengthening existing links and creating new ones to benefit all students.

Holly Greenwood-Rogers

Publicity Officer
I am a third year Music student from St Cuthbert’s Society and I play the horn. My time in Durham has involved playing in both the Durham University Palatinate Orchestra and Durham University Orchestral Society as well as numerous college productions and operas including Carmen at the Gala Theatre.

Issie Osborne & Sophie Rudge

Social Secretaries
I am Issie, a third year Music student, and I love getting involved with as many music societies as possible! This year I am on the exec for the Durham University Palatinate Orchestra for the second year running, as well as going into my third year of being Musical Director of Durham Dynamics, an a cappella choir I set up in my first year!


We aim to make sure that Music Durham has something for everyone, so if it doesn’t exist, we will help you create it. We also hope to host some events for non-musicians to encourage more active involvement in the arts across the entire student body. Music Durham covers a wide range of musical genres and standards.


It is vital that we as a student body give back to the local community that supports us so much as we develop. For this reason we plan to focus on outreach projects, both within our individual societies but also within Music Durham as an independent entity.


The societies within Music Durham work fantastically well together; It is so important for us as musicians to support each other and we hope that this year new collaborations between groups can be formed.


The best way for our performers to develop is to provide tuition from the best in the industry. The masterclass series will focus on different instruments or instrumental families and will be open to participation from all members.

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