Durham University Music Department are hosting three Alexander Technique workshops on Tuesday 1st May.

The slots run from 10am-12pm, 12-2pm, and 3-5pm. There are limited spaces available for each workshop, so sign up soon!

The workshops will be held in Van Mildert College Music Suite.

If you would like to take part, please complete this doodle poll with your availability, and you will be allocated a time: https://doodle.com/poll/qqqu7zi5x3w2z9yf 

What is Alexander Technique?

For those unsure of what the Alexander Technique is or how it can benefit performers, it is described as a skill for self-development that teaches you to remove long-standing habits that cause tension, particularly when practising or performing. It improves posture and can relieve the pain and stress musicians and actors often feel.

The most important thing about Alexander Technique is that it teaches you to recognise your harmful habits and choose a better response.

What are the benefits?

Naturally overcoming back, neck and joint pain.
Reducing tension and stiffness.
Improved posture.
Reduces breathing and vocal problems.
Reduces anxiety and stress.