For information contact Josh Powell (Collingwood College Music Society President)

[email protected] 


Musical Life at Collingwood

Wherever your interests may lie – whether in jazz, choral singing or general contemporary pop – the musical scene at Collingwood College will cater for you, and for all who want to get involved!  From professional recording sessions to simple karaoke sets, the college’s music scene has never been so agile.  Bolstering brand new facilities, with stellar equipment to boot (as seen in the Mark Hillery Arts Centre), Collingwood are well-equipped to deal with no only the college’s but the university’s musical demands.  For more information and exciting updates, head on over to our Facebook and Instagram pages.  We hope to see you at one of our concerts soon!

For our Facebook page, click here, and for our Instagram, click here!

Open Mic/Karaoke Nights

These two events happen at the start of term and at the very end of term, and we have only one motto: everyone is welcome!  No required level of professionalism needed; just grab a mic and perform whatever you want.  The only catch is Karaoke nights are themed to the term, so, for example, the first term’s karaoke event will be Christmas orientated!

Stag Sessions

Started only a year ago – but still a massive success – Stag Sessions are our more ‘professional’ open mic nights; think Durham’s very own BBC Live Lounge!  Professional recording equipment is used to capture your performance, while photos are taken of your set, which you can then go on to use for publicity and booking gigs, all for free!

Informal Concerts

The middle of term usually brings with it a host of formative and summative deadines, so why not watch – or even perform in – a small concert surrounded by friends and peers?  This is a great chance to perform in a semi-professional environment and grow as a musician, all while having fun!

Formal Concerts

This is your chance to shine!  Collingwood’s formal concerts involve a lot of publicity and people in the theatre (purpose-based for the night), and an array of musical talent from every end of the spectrum.  This is a brilliant night, which aims to show off all the musical skills you’ve developed over the term.  At the very end of the year, we overlay this concert with a ‘Last Night at the Proms’ theme!  Black tie and good fun; what more could you ask for?

Collingwood Day

Collingwood Day is one of the best events in the calendar for college students, let alone for musicians!  This is an amazing day for performers; not only for casuals who want to have a laugh, but for professoinal bands to spread their name and get the energy going.  Plus, musicians get a subsidised ticket to the event!


Grey-Collingwood Chamber Orchestra

Contact: Charlie Fletcher at [email protected]

2019/20 is only the orchestra’s second year of existence, but with a 30-strong force of dedicated musicians passionate about any music put in front of them, the group has a strong life ahead of it!  Ranging from Beethoven to Rachmaninov, the group are ready and raring to perform at formal concerts throughout the year.  Rehearsals are once a week, unless specified.

Collingwood Voices

Musical Director: Harry Stanbury, [email protected] 

Collingwood Voices is a non-auditioned singing group with anyone of all abilities welcome, from people who have never sung before to those who’s entire life is singing.  Mostly consisting of two/three-part harmony, the group has a tight-knit, family-like community that cannot be found anywhere else.  Rehearsals are once a week, unless specified.


Contact: Elliot Myers, [email protected] 

Grey and Collingwood College have come together, not for the first time, to create a society dedicated to Jazz, Swing and Soul Music!  This auditioned group consists of just under 15 members but can make a loud enough noise when needed!  They perform regularly at Collingwood Day and both Grey and Collingwood-based concerts.  Rehearsals are once a week, unless specified.

Tech Committee

Contact:Thilo Goss, [email protected] 

The Tech Committee (as they will tell you many times) are the light of college life!  Many musical events in Collingwood would not even be able to be conceived without the dedication and professionalism of our tech team.  These guys can be seen at the Collingwood Freshers’ Fair, and are constantly maintaining the high quality of our equipment throughout the college.  Feel free to approach them about tech opportunities, whether you’re a novice or an experienced lighting technician.

Mark Hillery Arts Centre

The Mark Hillery Arts Centre is the hub for anything arts related.  This room can be converted into a theatre, a concert hall and an amazing drinks reception venue.  The hall is fully rigged with professional standard lighting and sound equipment, to the point where the Mark Hillery Arts Centre was being used by Durham Student Theatre in 2018/19 as the hub for all things theatre and all things musical theatre!

Music Room 1

This is currently our main dedicated music room, which students – regardless of whether they are from a musical background or not – can book out and practise in.  In this room is a grand piano, three guitars (one acoustic, one electric and one bass) and a drum kit.  

Recording Studio

Our recording studio has only been set up and standing since the final weeks of the 2018/19 academic year, so it’s brand spanking new!  Bolstering a midi keyboard, 38 different instrument ports and top-of-the-range equipment, it will be useful for any prospective student aiming to start out in production.  The room is currently not bookable online, but watch this space for a booking form.

Penthouse A

While not a dedicated music venue, this conference room can be converted to accommodate a 20-30 performer rehearsal. 


This past year, Collingwood has spent a good amount of money on getting our equipment into top condition.  As well as the four grand pianos dotted around the college, there are three 88-key keyboards (used for open mic nights, stag sessions and Collingwood Day), and a plethora of guitars and other small orchestral equipment.  Collingwood has three dedicated storerooms for equipment and instruments: one amongst the non-ensuite rooms of the college, one attached to Music Room 1 and the other Penthouse C.  These rooms can also be used to store your own equipment, but everything you leave must have your name on.