This year DUOS visited Budapest on their tour with the highlights being described as watching the sunrise over the city on the final day of the tour – as well as the three amazing concerts of course.

The first day of the tour was mainly filled with travelling, getting to know the area, and catching up on lost sleep ready for the first concert day. On the first full day of their tour DUOS travelled to the Great Church of Kecskmet for a rehearsal and concert before returning to Budapest for an evening getting to know the local area and relaxing. The second day involved another early start and more travelling, this time to Visegrad near the Slovakian border. This was a very active day for the orchestra including a zip wire trip down a mountain and a visit to a Medieval castle. The group then travelled to Vac to give a concert in the cathedral before returning back to Budapest and exploring ‘ruin bars’ – a feature of local culture. The third day was a rest from the early starts with free time to explore Budapest before giving an evening concert in a small concert hall on the outskirts of the city .

The next day, most of the orchestra got up early again to climb the hill above the city and watch the sunrise before a relaxing morning and afternoon boat cruise along the Danube and visiting an island in the river. Here the majority of the orchestra hired pedalos to return to the city. On the final morning, those who missed it the day before climbed the hill to watch the sunrise before enjoying last minute tours of the city and the long drive home.

A member of the orchestra said “Many will say that tour is where you really bond with others in the orchestra, and you look forward to it from the beginning of first term. The tour to Budapest involved some amazing activities; such as zip-wiring and a pool party in ancient Roman baths. Not to mention putting on concerts in three different cities. But there was still enough time to relax and explore Budapest with friends. I had such a good time on tour, and I can’t wait for the next one.”