The Durham University Chamber Choir is now accepting applications for the roles of Manager and Assistant Manager for next year’s Choir! These roles, along with that of Conductor (Josh Ridley, already appointed), comprise the society’s Executive Committee and are responsible for all aspects of the Choir’s running. Whereas the Conductor takes primary responsibility for choosing repertoire and running rehearsals, the Manager and Assistant Manager take on the administrative aspects of the Choir but also have a hand in musical matters. The role of Manager is more substantial and time-consuming than that of Assistant Manager, but both roles are vital to the successful running of the Choir.

Applications are welcome from anyone who would like to sing in Chamber Choir next academic year. The Manager and Assistant Manager will be auditioned to join the Choir like anyone else wishing to sing. Please do not apply for either of these roles if you do not have a firm intention to audition for the Choir.
The roles
Please go to our Facebook page for a breakdown of what each role entails. (
Application process
Applications should be made by CV (including relevant positions of responsibility held / administrative experience) and a cover letter (1 side) explaining suitability to the role, relevant experience, any initiatives you might have for the Choir and demonstrable commitment to singing / Chamber Choir in Durham. These should be sent to [email protected] by 5pm on Thursday 1st June. Subject to your application, interviews will be held on Saturday 3rd June. Information about the interview process will be sent to applicants once the window has closed.
Please do have a look around our website to get a feel for what the Choir takes on each year and for biographies of the Executive Committee. If you have any questions about either role, feel free to get in touch with myself ([email protected]) or Hannah ([email protected]). I look forward to receiving your applications!
Good luck!
Megan Griffiths
Manager, Durham University Chamber Choir 2016/17