Music Durham Exec Applications are open now!

Vote now for the Music Durham exec – manifestos here

The Committee is in charge of running the music society and its events, as well as supporting its component societies. They meet weekly to discuss plans for future events and the strategic direction of the society.

Representing around 600 members, including students, staff, and the local community, it is the committee’s job to make sure the Durham music scene is as active and engaging as possible.

There are 9 roles to be voted on. Below is a summary of what they do and the contact details for the current holder so you can ask any questions you might have, see the candidates and manifestos here.


Much the same as an ensemble president/manager, this job holder must steer the overall direction of the society. The president sets the core goals at the start of the year and oversees the rest of the committee. They lead on the major events, as well as representing the society to staff. For more info contact Jess on [email protected]

Vice President

The job of Vice President has two main strands: supporting the President, and looking after Outreach. The VP must be able to chair meetings in the President’s absence as well as support them in general day to day tasks related to the society. In their Outreach role they should encourage community projects at a Music Durham level and get members involved in volunteering. For more info contact Hannah on [email protected]


The treasurer is in charge of all the society finances. They make sure that all decisions and events are financially viable, as well as good value for money for members. It is also the treasurers’ job to reconcile the accounts on Xero regularly and think of ideas for fundraising to be able to support members further. For more information contact Andy on [email protected]


The Music Durham Secretary is who individual members hear from the most! They are in charge of formatting and distributing weekly emails to their membership list, making sure that information is interesting, relevant, and prioritising what is included. They also take minutes at weekly exec meetings and help to organise concert schedules for reviewers. For more information contact Hayley on [email protected]

Concert Manager

The job of Concert Manager does what it says on the tin. They organise the weekly Lunchtime Concert Series making sure these run smoothly and there are a variety of performers. They also help with logistics in organising any other Music Durham concerts including the end of year Cathedral and Castle Concerts. For more information contact Nellie on [email protected]

College Coordinator

The College Coordinator looks after music in colleges. They meet with each college reps termly to support their groups in any way they need, as well as chairing the College Music Committee. This person organises music events for colleges and maintains the relationship between college groups and Music Durham. For more information contact Tessa on [email protected]

Masterclass Manager

This person is in charge of coordinating the Music Durham masterclass series. This involves finding out what masterclasses members and societies would be interested in, liaising with professional musicians, booking venues, working with the treasurer to sort budgets, and publicising the events. For more information contact Ashleigh on [email protected]

Publicity Officer

The Publicity Officer is in charge of publicising all Music Durham events from Lunchtime Concerts to Masterclasses, and the larger end of year concerts. The jobs of the publicity officer range from updating the social media platforms to designing posters and programmes, as well as a publicity schedule. For more information contact Mathilde on [email protected]

Social Secretary

The Social Secretary role is about making sure all Music Durham members have as much fun as possible! Organising events to get musicians together, relaxing and enjoying their shared love of music together. Social Sec’s have organised the Winter Ball, summer socials, and a host of small events in between. You can also run for this role as a pair if you wish. For more info contact Angus, Sophie, or Sonia on [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

How do I run?

Step 1: Send us a Manifesto

Your manifesto should be 1 side of A4, sent as a jpg to Jess on [email protected]

It should tell voters who you are, what you have been involved in, your experience, and what you would do in your role. It should have pictures and be eye catching – not too much text!

The deadline for running is at the AGM.

Step 2: Hust at the AGM

The AGM is on Wednesday 14th March at 2.30pm in the Music Department Concert Room.

Here people will hust for each position – this just means stand up and talk for about 2 minutes about why they want the role and why they will be perfect for it.

Members at the AGM then have the opportunity to answer questions.

Step 3: Members Vote

Voting takes place online via the Music Durham website.

Voting opens at 5pm after the AGM and closes again at 12pm on Friday 16th March.

At this point we will announce the result of the vote to all members via email, website, and social media!

Good luck in applying!

As ever if you have any questions please email [email protected] and I will be happy to help!