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Musical Life at John Snow

John Snow College is a college with a heavy emphasis on music. Four out of their twelve current societies are music focused and range from Endeavour Orchestra and Infinity Musical Theatre to Equinox Jazz and Choir Endeavour Voices. Each member of these societies is extremely valued and exceptionally talented, with many students performing at numerous college and social events. These events include a wide variety of JCR and SCR formal dinners held at the Waterside Restaurant in Queen’s Campus. In addition, they have also performed at SCA charity tea parties and several concerts held at the ARC centre in Stockton-on-Tees. Moreover, the college is seeking to expand their number of music-related societies as there have been talks to add a mixed guitar ensemble as well as a female only a capella choir that will hopefully be established in the forthcoming academic year.



MD: Nikhil Sharma or Katie Hall

Endeavour Orchestra is a non-auditioning society made up of a diverse group of people, aiming to allow all students to play their chosen musical instruments.

We have performed at many college events and have had socials including meals out at local restaurants. This society also allows students to gain new experiences from university and interact with different students to those who they normally would.


Equinox Jazz

Contact: Lauren Sahota

Equinox Jazz is a student-run jazz ensemble that has been established for four years. They regularly perform throughout the academic year at university functions, providing musical entertainment to both the staff and students of Durham. Past performances have included various JCR and SCR formal dinners in the Waterside Restaurant at Queen’s Campus, SCA charity tea parties, and concerts at the ARC.

Whether you are a pianist, percussionist, guitarist, bass guitarist, horn player or a vocalist there are plenty of opportunities to get involved at the weekly rehearsals, no matter how experienced you are. They currently meet Monday at 6.30pm in the John Snow Music Room.

Infinity Musical Theatre

MD: Nikhil Sharma or Katie Hall

Infinity Musical Theatre is the Queen’s Campus performing arts society, primarily focused on producing an annual musical. Established in 2009, IMT were runners up for the Best New Society at Durham at the Annual Awards Dinner and since its inception the society been involved in a variety of performances both at Queen’s Campus and in Durham.

Our traditional venue, the ARC, is a wonderful, modern setting with a superb team on hand to assist with lighting, stage management and much more.

Choir Endeavour Voices

Contact: Laurence Constable and Alex Lam

Love singing? Then Endeavour Voices is for you! They are the Queen’s Campus choir. They sing a wide range of music and perform regularly in College formals as well as the annual Christmas Concert and the Queen’s Campus Art’s Showcase and can also direct you to main campus choirs, so you can join those as well. The choir is non-auditioned and there will be cake or biscuits at nearly every rehearsal, so what have you got to lose? They currently meet Tuesday 6pm in B102.