Durham University Keyboard Instrument Society (DUKIS) brings together all of Durham’s pianists, organists, harpsichordists, accordionists, carillonists, hurdy-gurdists and clavicytheriumists out there to one group. We aim to provide a friendly social space where otherwise inherently solo musicians can meet, learn, discuss and perform with others!

 Throughout the year, DUKIS runs a number of events, including fortnightly meetups, where anyone can bring a piece to play, discuss and discover new music, as well as socials, masterclasses, performances and perhaps the odd ‘organ crawl’ around Durham. We set up piano ensembles and offer the opportunity to practice on Durham’s finest instruments – new Steinway grand pianos, doesn’t it sound tempting? We are also able to provide teaching, accompaniment and performance opportunities from Durham’s wider music scene for our members.

 DUKIS meets fortnightly on Thursday evenings in the Music Department Concert Room, from 7.30pm – 9.30pm, with other events organised ad hoc.

Society Information

President: Jiri Svatos

Email: [email protected]