When I talk to managers I get the feeling they are important. When I talk to leaders I get the feeling I am important.

Rear Admiral Alex Burton

Royal Navy, Mentor and Speaker for Experience Durham Leadership Academy

The Experience Durham Leadership Programme has evolved directly from our existing Experience Durham Leadership Academy and reflects the crucial role that the development of key employability skills has to play in the future of Higher Education.

Ingrained in the University strategy, the concept of providing a Wider Student Experience has never been so much at the forefront of strategic policy. In short Experience Durham rises to the challenges to ensure that Durham students are provided with a culture and an environment in which to pursue the highest quality of student experience, through which they will further develop qualities of independence, self-expression, creativity, teamwork, leadership and a strong sense of social citizenship.

Central to many of these themes, the Experience Durham Leadership Programme will offer emerging leaders from across sport, music, theatre and volunteering the opportunity to participate in a developmental programme based on established leadership training through prominent corporate industries and the uniformed services.

Through our extensive pedigree in helping to develop leaders on the sports field we strongly believe that Experience Durham has an important role to play in boosting graduate opportunities and employability for many of our students.

What makes the Experience Durham Leadership Programme distinctive?

• Existing Experience Durham structures and leadership opportunities provide “real life” working examples of how Durham University already develops outstanding leaders through a supported infrastructure.
• Unique links with nationally renowned alumni in industry, sport and the performance arts.
• An extensive alumni support network already committed to engagement through major events/activities (e.g. Alumni Games, Alumni Theatre and Music Groups, Volunteer opportunities).
• Proven record of students who have completed the existing Experience Durham Leadership Academy moving on to become employed through the very networks to which they were exposed.
• Key links and collaboration with sponsorship from senior managers in Blue Chip Companies.
• Nationally recognised accredited awards for individuals, teams productions across sport, theatre, music and volunteering.
• Accredited National Governing Body partnerships linking to overall strategic development.
• High profile student ambassadors winning International and National recognition and/or awards.