Grey College Choir will be auditioning the roles of Director of Music and Assistant Director of Music on 2nd May.

Deadline for Applications is Friday 27th April at 6pm. There are Scholarships available for both positions.

The Director of Music conducts and manages rehearsal as well as selecting the choir’s repertoire.

The Assistant Director of Music assists the director and accompanies the choir on the piano in rehearsal and performances. Good sight reading skills are required, proficiency in playing the organ is by no means required but desirable.

We are one of the university’s chapel choirs and therefore are required to sing sacred music at appropriate times, such as Evensong, memorial services, Christmas etc. The choir is also committed to singing classical music but also sing some contemporary music when appropriate. The choir has a very big social element with a very strong community of members. This manifests itself in various socials throughout the year.

The choir is non-auditioned and has around 30-35 regular singers. Despite being non-auditioned the Choir has improved in standard consistently in recent years and we have had our own Cathedral Evensong for the past 2 years. We also try and organise a tour once a year.

If you are interested in applying for the role, please email Thomas on for more information.