The New Art Music Ensemble (NAME) is Durham’s leading new music collective! We specialise in music written since 1945, by professional and student composers alike. Our focus is on music that is unconventionally notated, such as graphic scores and text pieces, which means that you don’t have to read music to get involved. We welcome all instruments and abilities – or even no instrument and no ability! We’re not strictly a classical group, and we have members from classical, jazz, and popular music backgrounds. As well as graphic scores and text pieces, we have a strong interest in both free and guided improvisation.  

In Michaelmas Term, we are performing our own reimagining of Brian Eno’s classic album ‘Ambient 1: Music for Airports’. We will use the graphic score contained within the liner notes to create our own version of the famous work, maintaining the ambient aesthetic, while also exhibiting our own musical material and improvisational processes. 

In Epiphany Term, we aim to perform multiple sets across Durham, playing a mix of pieces by professional composers such as John Cage, Pauline Oliveros and Carl Bergstrom-Nielsen, student composers, as well as improvisation. COVID permitting, these sets will take place in bars, chapels, and concert halls.

In Easter Term, we are releasing an album to celebrate our society’s 10th anniversary! This will be filled with some of our favourite pieces from NAME history, as well as plenty of new material. This album will be available on YouTube, Spotify, and Amazon, and will hopefully round off our first ten years in spectacular fashion.

Society Information

Co-Presidents: Joanna Robbins & Oliver Hopkins-Burke
Email Address: [email protected]
Rehearsal: Tuesday evening, Music Department Concert Room

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