The Durham Original Music & Alumni Network (DOMAN) aims to promote the creation of innovative grass-roots music from university students, encouraging collaboration between student artists wherever they may find themselves musically in the process. Whether writing a string quartet or producing for the radio, DOMAN aims to give new music a platform in Durham, thus recognising the need for contemporary innovation in the curriculum. Through networking events, showcases and a multitude of jam sessions held each term, friendships – and by proxy, networks – will be formed between students and student groups. Constructive workshops, held by returning university alumni, also allow current students to learn and be inspired by the functional and promotional techniques used by professionals outside the university sphere.

You can find more about the society and our objectives on our dedicated DOMAN Instagram and Facebook pages, as well as request to be put on our Mailchimp monthly newsletter by contacting our primary e-mail account with your name and e-mail address.

Society Information:

E-mail account: [email protected]

 President – Taylor Morse ([email protected])
Vic-President and Head of Jams – James Hughes ([email protected])
Secretary – Lizzie Lloyd ([email protected])
Treasurer – Ishaan Shukla ([email protected])
Alumni Relations Officer – George Bone ([email protected]) and Finola Southgate ([email protected])