Durham University Palatinate Orchestra have had an incredible term; not only have they put on their first ever Ensemble’s Concert, showcasing the talent of DUPO’s musicians in smaller ensemble groups, but their thrilling Chamber Orchestra Concert last weekend featured a beautiful performance of Vaughan Williams’ much loved Symphony No.5. This Sunday, DUPO return for their Epiphany term Symphony Concert; they will be playing Hindemith’s ‘fascinating and exhilerating’ Symphonic Metamorphosis, Elgar’s Wand of Youth Suite, Bruch’s Double Concerto and, of course, finishing with a Dvorak Slavonic Dance, this time the glorious no.1.

Conductor Matthias Lichtenfeld and President Naomi Solomons discuss what they find most exciting about their chosen repertoire:

Matthias: We are performing pieces of music which are not so often heard, with a group of musicians who are keen and interested to learn this music. The pieces also involve instruments that are not that often used in compositions like the contra bassoon or the big set of percussion.  The orchestra have taken really well to the different harmonical idea of Hindemith’s compositions, his different style of writing it, (he writes all the needed accidentals directly into the music) and the rhythmical complexity of the piece.

Naomi: I think the rep we’re playing shows off all the different sections of the orchestra, and I’m really pleased that everyone gets their moment in the spotlight! The rep is really interesting but they’re fun and exciting pieces, so they have been really enjoyable to get to know.

DUPO will be featuring Violinist Becky Taylor and Viola player Charlotte Sasse in Bruch’s Double Concerto:

Naomi: Becky and Charlotte are a fantastic team – having played together in the National Youth Orchestra, they have been our viola section leaders, and have worked together as the joint Outreach Co-ordinators on the exec this year. They are both incredibly talented musicians and we’re very proud to have them in our orchestra!

And if you still aren’t persuaded that tomorrow isn’t a concert to miss…

Naomi: It’s entertaining rep and I promise you will not get bored, but as usual I’m proud to say that DUPO are playing some unusual pieces that have really challenged the orchestra. We’ve been working very hard this term and I hope that will show in the concert!

Matthias: I think this concert will be different again. There will not only be music that is not often heard in the concert hall or on radio but also again little unusual surprises!

DUPO Symphony will be performing in Hild Bede Caedmon Hall this Sunday 17 March 3:30 pm – 5:15 pm. You can get your tickets here.