Save the date this Wednesday for Voices’ epiphany term concert in St Oswald’s Church! A warm and friendly community of singers, immediately evident from the relaxed atmosphere of their rehearsals, Voices will be performing a programme centred around the theme of ‘Perfect Days’. All proceeds from the concert will be going to The Rainbow Trust, a charity supporting families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness.

An impressively varied repertoire, the concert’s main piece will be Bob Chilcott’s ‘Five Days that Changed the World’. Structured in five movements, the piece is a journey through five events: the invention of printing, abolition of slavery, first powered flight, discovery of penicillin and first man in space. I spoke to Musical Director Melody Bishop about the piece:

“I’ve always wanted to perform the Chilcott with Voices. The piece is all about historical days but each movement is very different in style; the invention of printing is quite funny and tongue in cheek; based around ‘the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’. The piece then jumps immediately to the abolition of slavery, so it’s crucial to get that strong shift in tone convincing. It’s an incredibly fun piece”

In her second term as Voices’ Musical Director, Melody demonstrates great leadership in her direction of the choir in rehearsal. She will also feature as a soloist in the concert, singing ‘Over the Rainbow’ as a duet with Voices’ president Hannah Dickinson.

The programme contains a range of a cappella and accompanied pieces with assistant Musical Director Fergus Carver on piano. A new development for Epiphany term, Voices have also formed a chamber group of eight existing choir members; one of the pieces they will be singing is Rheinberger’s sacred motet ‘Abendlied’ (Evening Song) alongside members of the Voices executive committee.

Hearing a sneak extract of Vaughan Williams’ ‘Sweet Day’, I was struck by the choir’s confident and warm sound; particularly impressive was the consistently strong bass line and sweetness of the soprano section tone. I spoke to Fergus Carver about why audiences should come to ‘Perfect Days’

“’Five Days that Changed the World’ really suits the choir. I love ‘the abolition of slavery’, particularly the opening piano introduction, and the choir perform it brilliantly. Voices are a great community; we promote an ethos of friendliness alongside care for the music and the stories behind them”

Amongst the craziness of Epiphany Term, take an evening off to listen to Voices perform in St Oswald’s Church – you won’t be disappointed!