Big Band Audition 2016


The auditions will be held in the North Bailey practice rooms which can be found at 49 North Bailey, Durham, DH1 (opposite Hatfield College). Auditions will last approximately 15 minutes long, however please arrive 20 mins prior to your audition time. There will be someone to show you to the warm-up room. The audition will vary depending on instrument. Below is an outline of what each instrumental and vocal audition will entail:

– Horns: prepared piece, sight reading and improvisation.
– Rhythm: prepared piece, sight reading, improvisation and a comping exercise.
– Aux Percussion: prepared piece, sight reading, improvisation (if tuned) and comping (if not tuned).
– Vocalists: two prepared pieces of differing styles, sight-singing, aural tests and improvisation.

NOTE: Prepared pieces will be sent out a few days before the auditions take place. The improvisation exercise will be over a standard from the Real Book. It is important to make note of the fact that not everyone in the band needs to be a strong improviser, the improvisation exercise in the audition is only to assess your musical response to the jazz stimulus, however only certain seats will be awarded to those that are competent at improvisation.
– An accompanist will be provided for horn players and vocalists.
– The full 2016/17 line up will be announced the evening of the last day of auditions.
– For those who are successful, there will be a small subs fee of £10 for the year.