Choral Society Audition 2016


The audition will include a quick warm-up, some sight-reading and a couple of questions about why you want to join. Each audition will last approximately 5 minutes.

Don’t worry if you’ve lost your voice to Freshers’ Flu – either come and sing what you can, or cancel your booking at least 3 hours in advance. If you are unable to attend any of the audition slots offered here, please get in touch at [email protected] and we will try and arrange another time.

Auditions will be held in W103 – this is in the Geography Department on the Science Site. It is opposite the Bill Bryson Library and the entrance is next to the greenish building which is currently covered in scaffolding! As you come from the bailey onto the science site, with the Bill Bryson Library on your left, go to the building straight ahead of you, through the glass doors, and up the stairs to your right. If you’re coming from the Hill Colleges, down South Road, turn right after the physics building and Geography is the building to your left, enter at either set of glass doors and turn left. There will be someone waiting outside the auditions, so if any of the doors don’t open, knock loudly and they will come and open them!