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Dublin will be hosting our tour this year, thanks to the brilliant people at Rayburn Tours. We will be taking about 36 members, and if you would like to join us, deposits of £50 need to be paid WITHIN THE NEXT WEEK, by THURSDAY 12th JANUARY. A further deposit of £75 will need to be made over the next 2 months before paying the remainder of the cost (the total cost including deposits is £242). You will be reminded of this nearer the time.

The money you pay up-front will cover:
• 2 night’s accommodation at the Dublin International Youth Hostel (sounds incredibly exotic, I know)- please note that some dorms may be shared with other groups
• Breakfast arrangements for both mornings
• 49-seater coach with trailer for excess luggage, as well as driver welfare and use for all excursions and concert
• Return ferry from Holyhead-Dublin/Dublin-Holyhead
• Road tolls
• Venue hire for one performance at either St Stephen’s Green Bandstand or Christchurch Cathedral
• Publicity for concert

Please pay the £50 deposit by the 12th January. You will be asked to pay the remaining balance of approximately £192 later this term . Please note the payment of the remaining balance will not be automatic, you will be required to re-input your chosen payment details through your online account.

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