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Musical Life at St Mary’s

Mary’s music scene is one that has become a part of the College’s identity – whatever you want to do, we can make it happen for you. If you want to form your own three-piece Jazz Fusion Band, you can (and my friends and I did, it lasted all three years at uni!). From MMV to Chapel Choir for singers, to Basement Jazz for Durham’s best jazz players, we have something for everyone – but it doesn’t stop there. Next year will see the addition of more vocal groups, and the chance for instrumentalists of all calibres to show off what they’ve got, be it through the new buddy system we’re implementing, the smaller amateur and advanced groups we’re pushing for, or through the plethora of Live Lounges, concerts, plays and festivals we will be putting on. This is our first year with a Music Rep, and we are ready and rearing to get Mary’s Music out there!

From marimbas to microphones, from the trumpet to the triangle – we will have a place for you. Come along and take part – whether you’re a Marian or not, we don’t discriminate. After all, we are known to be the nicest college in Durham!

Basement Jazz

Basement Jazz is a twelve-piece jazz band which rehearses on Thursday evenings in the Mary’s Basement. Our repertoire ranges from soul and jazz to pop. We play at some of Durham’s most exciting events with some of last year’s gigs including Freshers’, Bailey and Mary’s Balls, as well as regular performances at Fabio’s cocktail bar. The band’s reputation has grown very substantially around Durham over several years and many students have been pining to join, although preference has always been given to Mary’s students.

Mary’s Mixed Voices

Mary’s Mixed Voices (MMV) is a relaxed and friendly SATB choir that sing a variety of pieces from musicals to pop, and we welcome singers of all levels to come and join us. We rehearse weekly and perform regularly throughout the year at various events including Mary’s arts concerts, carol singing and Mary’s day.

Live Lounges

Live lounges are student-led performances, varying in location and size, that are run around 2 or 3 times a term. Live lounges are a chance for students to showcase their musical talents to the rest of the student community and are very diverse: from violin solos to Basement Jazz. Whether it be just one song, or a collection; we are open to anything anyone wants to perform. Live lounge events are enjoyed by the entire college, and allow students who are musically talented an opportunity to perform what they have been working on over the term.