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Musical Life at Mildert

Van Mildert is home to a thriving musical community and hosts a variety of outstanding musical societies. Within ‘MildARTS’, Van Mildert creates a musical and artistic environment that even the most hardened rugby player will find difficult to resist! Annual events include the Van Mildert Variety Show, Christmas Carol Service, Epiphany term Musical and the widely acclaimed Van Mildert 48 Hour Musical! Whether it be singing in Van Mildert’s college choir, performing solos on stage to the cheering crowds, or playing in pit bands for the musicals, Van Mildert’s musical life is certainly something to explore! Don’t forget the famous Jam by the Lake, a Glastonbury-styled one-day music festival overlooking the iconic Mildert lake.


Mildert Choir

Mildert Choir is a fun informal choir, open to everyone! Their main events of the year are singing at Mildert’s Christmas concert and taking part in the Hill College Music Competition. Currently the choir does not run throughout the year, due to many of the choir taking part in the termly musical theatre productions, but that doesn’t mean we lack anything in quality or enthusiasm!

Mildert Big Band

Van Mildert Big Band is the college’s house band, regularly playing at events in the college and also around Durham.

From intricate jazz orchestra arrangements to some really gritty James Brown funk, the Band plays music from a range of genres and is always happy to welcome new players of any level of experience.

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Jam Society

Jam Soc is Van Mildert’s live music society. The biggest thing we do? That’d be JAM BY THE LAKE – we run Mildert’s very own music festival, held once a year out on Tees Lawn, with the best bands from across Durham and beyond. But there’s a lot more than that: JCR band nights, open mic nights in the bar, and socials. We’re basically a group for anyone who likes music, both musicians and non-musicians alike . . . and who doesn’t like music?! SO JOIN US!

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Musical Band

This band is open to anyone, of any standard. The band is required for the termly musical theatre productions of the Variety show, Epiphany term musical and 24 Hour show, and involves a few fun and relaxed rehearsals a term.